Gwen Ansell is a prominent culture journalist from South Africa, and previously a guest professor in journalism at Columbia University. There are not many people around in this world that writes as well as her about art.

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“District Six captures the feel and sonic textures of Cape Town in a way that’s both personal to the composer and instantly recognizable to the listener.”

The playing is superb. Each player is thoughtful and empathetic, constantly creating space for the others and the melodies to breathe, and that feeling of clear light and space.”


Andreas Loven’s District Six conjures up the bittersweet magic of Cape Town







“African heat and dusty rhythm filtered through Scandinavian cool and reflection.”

“Loven’s piano playing is a lovely mix of Norwegian and South African, blending influences of Gustavsen and Ibrahim into something that feels very personal to this man himself.

“If, like me, you love Norwegian jazz, South African jazz, or both, seek this out. It hits that sweet spot. In fact irrespective of your tastes in jazz, or music in general, it’s still a winner I think. See if you agree.”


full review: DISTRICT SIX (Andreas Loven), (UK)


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“Loven plays brilliant, both versatile, melodic and rhythmic in beautiful harmony with the other musicians. The music transcends beyond genre, beyond trends. Timeless in other words. And everlasting.”

  • Fredrik Wandrup, DAGBLADET 05.02.16 (Norwegian national newspaper)


FULL REVIEW (norwegian): Wandrups utvalgte – Andreas Loven med flott start på det norske jazzåret!


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Israeli Adam Baruch is a jazz reviewer with over 5 million hits at his seminal blog.

“The most surprising element of this album is the exceptional level of playing displayed here. All four musicians play gracefully, elegantly and sympathetically towards each other.

Fans of melodic, Scandinavian Jazz, should have a field day with this album, but basically there is so much excellent music herein that every Jazz connoisseur should be able to bond with it. Warmly recommended!”

FULL REVIEW: District Six – By Adam Baruch, Israel

Anmeldelse i Dagsavisen: MUSIKKENS EVENTYRLAND
(Andreas Loven debuterer med strålande album)

Anmeldelse i Dagbladet: PIANO-MAGI
(Naturnære,  romantiske og vakkert harmoniske, framført med det man må kunne kalle lavmælt bravur)

Anmeldelse i P2 – Kulturnytt 20.01 STERK OG MODIG DEBUT
(På Nangijala møter nordisk klingende jazz sine afrikanske røtter) 

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Anmeldelse jazzblogg Hammerø: INDERLIG NORSKAFRIKANER
(Buddy og Andreas har så til de grader truffet hverandre og her føres det vakre, gode og underfundige samtaler egnet til å skape glede, undring og til å bli klokere av)

Anmeldelse Salt Peanuts:
(I det hele tatt er dette blitt en nydelig innspilling….)

Currently residing in Cape Town, Andreas is going back to the basics, practising, practising practising… Studying with piano wizard Andrew Liley, together they are exploring some great SA players, such as Bheki Mseleku, Andile Yenana and others. A legacy, a stream of jazz that deserves a lot more attention.